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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Glamping survival report - Italy, week 3

We have done lots of walks to nearby villages to go horse riding,pony riding, rafting and swimming.

We have discovered new ice-creams, and found that they are delicious.


Top three things about Camping du parc, Morgex:

Parco-fun time. A great playground to play in. This has a zip wire, slides, swings, trapeze and much more.

Archery. You can ask reception and they give you the gear, for adults and kids, and the targets are at the end of parco-fun time.

We are in a yurt and there is a lovely skylight at the top and five cosy beds.


Bonus fact: A nice one for the adults - there is also a jacuzzi and sauna in the campsite.


The views: You can see many tall mountains, one of which is the amazing Mont Blanc. We can see this from our yurt and think it's stunning. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe, its Italian name is Monte Bianco. I know but have not met two people who have climbed Mont Blanc - my great uncle Jeremy, and my great grand father, Ronald, climbed it 80 years ago, which means he did not have much protective gear. Rosie and I don't like Mont Blanc specifically, because recently three climbers died on it.


What to bring to this glampsite:

cool clothes, if it is the summer. It can get really hot.

money, in nearby villages there are lovely things to buy

sunglasses, in summer it gets very sunny

toilet roll!! There is no toilet roll in the loos!

a little bag to put insect repellent and antisan in - I have got a massive bite on my foot that is not nice.



Survival grade in this campsite:

9/10 in the summer, almost no chance of death


5/10 in the winter - it can snow up to 20 feet here! Because we are 1,000 metres high!


Holiday grade in this campsite:

10/10 - Lovely place to stay. In the summer! Maybe not so much in the winter



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