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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ferry survival

If you get told you will be staying on a cruise one day, do not get too excited, cos it may turn out all wrong, ie: there may be no swimming pools, even though on the advert it distinctly said massive swimming pool on top. In fact you may find it is not so much a cruise with a swimming pool and other fun things for kids, as a ferry full of fat chain-smoking chain-drinking lorry drivers. And their lorries.


The Greek food was good, but I did not like the breakfasts. The cabins were really really really really teeny, however, there was a helipad on the top that we played on.


Holiday grade: 3/10 No swimming pool!!

Survival grade: 7/10 if you had lots of cash for the self-service restaurant.

0/10 if you can't find the life-jakets and it starts sinking !




The helipad, right where the swimming pool should have been



See all those lorries...


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