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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Poppy's survival reports week 1 - Switzerland

This week, I have been on many cable car journeys, a very long car journey to Interlaken and have seen many different sizes of cowbells.

Checklist of what to bring if you are going to Switzerland

  1. Sunglasses - it can get very bright
  2. Raincoat or furry jumper - it hasn't rained on us but it has got very cold
  3. A little box of sweets to keep you going up through the mountains.
  4. A water bottle
  5. Lots of clean clothes for sliding down on dirty slopes
  6. Plasters for grazes

  • The thing I like about Switzerland is there are great cable cars to go on
  • Good chocolate, great chocolate amazing chocolate, and my favourite is the lemon and lime dark chocolate
  • Little cozy houses
Don't likes

  • I dislike the flat walks you can do, the steep uphill mountains and the sharp rocks that you can scrape yourself on
Poppy's survival grade: You can do it, but it would be hard to live out in the wild but there are lots of berries to eat.  75% chance of survival.

Poppy's holiday grade:  This is a great place to stay as there are many walks to be done, many trees to be climbed and many chairlifts to be sat on.  I don't know how great the other places will be but out of 10 I would give Switzerland a 8 and a half.

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